The future lives here

The everis Living Lab is now the NTT DATA Living Lab.

NTT DATA was born with the urge of integrating, enhancing and accelerating a technology-driven economic ecosystem with the intention of contributing to a more harmonious and advanced society.

We are built on a culture of innovation. That’s why we continue to push boundaries and explore possibilities for new technologies through the impulse of our innovation hub.

Since the Living Lab was born, we have had an international vocation, and now we are fully integrated, as a key piece and under the NTT DATA brand, in a wide network of innovation centers located on many of the most relevant innovation poles in the world: Barcelona, United States, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom among others.

Being more global allow us to anticipate the challenges of the future though building synergies with our projects and strengthening links with a bigger innovation ecosystem for talent, knowledge and technologies.

We are part of the NTT Group, which develops technologies that create value and promote cutting-edge research with a focus on the future, which contributes to creating a better world. It’s a demonstration of our ongoing commitment, having invested billions of dollars in research and development and innovation for more than 20 years.

The NTT Group R&D area in figures:
5.000 R&D Professionals.
3.6 Billion Dollar R&D Investment.
17.000 patents.

Welcome to
NTT DATA Living Lab

NTT DATA Living Lab, a cutting-edge space to facilitate a wide range of activities that promote and develop innovation through the use of new technologies and a catalogue of services that delivers the methodologies and tools required to add value to the entire innovation cycle.

A place committed to talent that fosters the company’s innovative DNA. In which also we have an exclusive space dedicated to experimentation: Tech & Solutions Space.
A place, in the heart of Barcelona, recognized as the NTT DATA AI Global Center of Excellence. NTT DATA’s first global AI specialist team operating out of Japan.

NTT DATA Living Lab.

Now more global to stay ahead of the game.

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