Digital Experience Research Center

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Our mission

In the Digital Experience Research Centre we produce customized research on motivations and barriers of users when interacting with emerging technologies. We partner with our clients and collaborators to gain a deep understanding of the expectations to create and optimize digital solutions. We collaborate with the best Universities and Design Centers worldwide to promote good User Experience practices and attract new talent to the company.

Understanding users through different in-depth Research Series

«Users in Tech» Series

We explore and understand the underlying motivations that bring people close to running and upcoming technologies and translate this into actionable design prompts to be one step ahead when designing future solutions.

«Designing the world we want» Series

Exploring and understanding how design can empower individuals and lead to actions to improve their lives.

Our Digital Design Methodology


A space designed to be with the end user, to start a conversation and to let them play with digital products.


A comfortable room to spend hours observing the end user, and understanding they behaviour.


Users and business can work together to create wonders, a proper space makes things easier


An invention becomes real when you share it with the world, why don’t make it in a easy-going way?

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